Grand Hall

3500 sq ft // Seats 250

A split staircase leads up to a spacious anteroom. From there, guests enter the Grand Hall through 3 sets of leather bound, iron studded french doors. Inside, arched rafters soar 40 feet above a dance floor soaked in vibrant hues cast by 100-year leaded glass.

The hall’s richly textured and soft-toned plaster walls lend a warm, inviting ambiance, seamlessly blending with your chosen decor. A generous front dias provides the perfect staging, railed in grand, weathered wood and topped with an ethereal, hand-painted mural. And behind, a graceful balcony overlooks the halls, offering extra seating or a platform to support spotlighting, sound equipment and more.

Social Hall

1300 sq ft // Seats 100

Colloquially known as the “cocktail room”, our social hall is a gathering place for guests to mingle, nibble, and sip. Exposed brick and industrial finishes are tastefully coupled with modern updates, providing a warm, richly-charactered setting.

Spacious enough to comfortably host smaller or more intimate events, such as engagement parties, brissim, and workshops, this hall also serves as a reception hall to larger events.

Outdoor Terrace

800 sq ft // Stands 80

Spilling through the wood-framed doors of the cocktail room, a stone-paved, tiered terrace extends the space and offers the
perfect setting for an outdoor chuppah.

Crowned in weathered planks that can be strung with lighting and elegantly walled in for privacy, make use of this lovely extension
night or day.

Children's room

900 sq ft // Seats 45

Our charming children’s space welcomes its pint-sized, energy-filled audience with an endless array of adventure and fun. Stand-out features include a built-in two-story playhouse, activity centers, and child-size restrooms at the back.

Elegant, neutral colors provide the perfect canvas to your party’s theme. This room also doubles as an entertainment center and babysitter’s nook for larger events – giving you added space to make your event seamless and special.


From foundations to founding

Built in the 1850’s as the Third Reformed Presbyterian Church, the Emunath Israel Congregation acquired the space in 1920. During this transition, the congregation installed stained glass windows as a tribute to their vibrant culture and community. Founded in 1865, The Chelsea Hall has a long and beautiful history as a focal point of Jewish life.

Our history

Heart of the

During its heyday, The Chelsea Shul primarily served working Jews in the garment industries, an earnest congregation with traditional values. On high holidays, close to 800 congregants would come to say Yizkor, a prayer for departed loved ones. It also served as a place of celebration for its numerous congregants, hosting weddings, bar mitzvahs, births and more.

Our history

Our story continues with yours

For over a century, Chelse Hall has absorbed the music, laughter, and joy of thousands of celebrations. Today, it serves as both an active prayer hall and beloved and sophisticated event space to the community it’s a part of.

Our history
1850 1944 2021

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